This page is dedicated to FAQ and general information about which we are often asked by readers.

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(Last updated: 2021/12/10)

1. How often does a series get released on the website?

It depends on the popularity of that series on our site. We judge popularity by total of views and comments of said series. If there are many readers commenting on a series on our site, it is possible that we release the series faster, maybe even the same day as raw. When the readers are shown to be really into the series, we prioritize pushing out our translations as fast as we can without harming quality. If a series is less popular, it may be delayed a bit.

2. How can we comment on this website?

Simply by creating an account.

3. Is there benefit of creating account on the GS website?

Of course, you have your own reader account which saves your reading list and all your comments. You can also change this site theme (default, light, dark), setup how many pages it automatically loads whenever you read the chapter from 1-10 pages (guest with no acc only loads 1 image as they scroll down). And many more.

4. Do you give permission for other sites to share/repost your scans?

No. Here’s a kind reminder.
Do support our releases of all series we’re working on by reading on our official website! Please share to others that we never gave any sites other than our own, permission to upload any of our projects! Reuploading might also contribute to a delay of the series release. If you’re a respectful reader, kindly read all these series we have on our website and remind others to do so too. It motivates all of our staff to push with the new releases asap when you read on our site and engage with the series! When we’re working that hard to provide a quality release, it truly demotivates us when people read our projects on other sites, especially aggregators!
The only other instance in which you should see our works on another site is on bato.to under the account hazel11, or on Mangadex under gourmetscans. But we’re not actively posting there. If a posting is found under any other account, it is unauthorized, and you should contact us in #discuss-with-kitchen-🍷 channel on discord.

5. Is Gourmet Scans affiliated with any other scans group? How to be affiliated?

No, we aren’t. We’ve received several affiliate requests but since our group doesn’t generally do this, we don’t really accept them. But, we always welcome series collaborations!

6. Why do Gourmet staff have food names?

These are our code names. There isn’t really a specific reason, it’s just something unique and we enjoy calling each other’s code names. It’s like some dress code at the party but we’re in the kitchen, no? It also helps because it suits our theme as well, since we are Gourmet Scans.

7. What’s the difference of Gourmet Scans and Daddies Supremacy?

Gourmet Scans (main group) is a group that formerly took on all types of projects but more recently, we’ve decided to shift our focus to manga, manhua and novels. Gourmet will still continue to handle the current manhwa projects but we’ll stop taking new, upcoming manhwas in the future.

And so, this led to the formation of a sub-group called Daddies Supremacy. This group specializes in manhwas and will take on upcoming manhwa releases.

The main difference is that both groups may have some members working across both groups, but (DS) activities are separated from the main group (GS). Anyone who joins Daddies as staff won’t automatically become a part of Gourmet if they don’t take a gourmet test but Gourmet trainee can join Daddies without further test needed; this also means they won’t be able to access both work channels on discord if they don’t have the appropriate role in the respective group~

8. Do you guys allow groups to retranslate your projects? For example, can a Spanish group use your English TL (translation) and translate it into Spanish?

We (Gourmet Scans and Daddies Supremacy) allow re-translations if the following conditions are met:

1. Permission should be requested, either through discord by DMing an executive or by emailing gourmetscans.team@gmail.com.

↳ You must include the name of your team and a link to the website where you post your translations and your discord if available.

2. You must create a banner or credit page crediting the original English TL team and attach it to all chapters you use our TL in. When you have made this credit page, you may submit it to us first before publishing if you want our follow up and feedback.

3. You must supply your own raws and cleans. Please support the author by getting the raws yourself. And we will not provide our cleaning team's work.

9. Why can’t I find the Gourmet extension on Tachiyomi?

On March 2021, Gourmet requested the app to delete our extension. This is because reading on Tachiyomi does not support us as a scans group. To motivate our staff to keep scanlating, please read our work only on our site at gourmetscans.net!

10. How do we support the scanlation team?

You can simply support the team by reading on our official website (gourmetscans.net) and disable adblock because the ads you see on the website is important for us to pay our monthly website server fee and other services we use at the moment (as such plugins/features). Please note that we will not acknowledge readers of our project(s) who read from aggregator sites who steal our works!
And you can also voluntarily support the team on the links below.

*Above all we’d like to state that we do all of this for free! none of our content is supposed to be paid for, and we don’t sell any of our translations, or do anything like “buying” chapters in advance. All of our scans content is FREE! These pages below are meant for our readers who want to support our releases, because it helps us maintain our website and continue working hard
Become a Patron!

11. I tried to login, but I didn’t appear logged in on the GS site. How do I solve this?

Refresh your page once and your problem should be solved.

12. Why do you strictly not allow reposting?

1. We only want to share our work within our own small community. We don’t want another site, who makes profit from the work, to share them and draw unwanted attention or get credited for something they didn’t even work on!

2. We are fully aware of “some” rippers in disguise that are in our community, that are getting “paid” for ripping our series by “selling” them to aggregator site owners! Some of them also lack manners by removing the credit page, which contains the people who put hard work into the chapters they (rippers) were selling. Thus, please never read from them, and instead, join our small community and be a respectable reader to us and the projects we are currently working on.

13. Why did you decide to open your own website and spend money monthly to pay for the site when you can just upload your work onto another scanlation site such as mangadex?

The first reason is because we want to build our own small community. We’re really happy when people engage with our series projects by leaving comments or sending appreciation to the staff who worked voluntarily on the projects. By having our own community, even if it’s small, we’re able to watch people enjoy what we’ve been working hard on, and that makes us more happy than anything else.

The second and the most important reason is because we have a backup for all the content on our website. If we were to post only on another scans sites, anything could happen. “If” they permanently shut down the websites, how are we supposed to get a backup of our data? That’s why data recovery is the most important reason for us starting our own website. We can backup and recover anytime on our own site, whereas it all the data would be lost if we exclusively posted on websites we don’t own. We hope you all enjoy reading here on our official website as much as we enjoy spending our time working on the projects.

14. What if I didn’t receive a confirmation email after registering to this site?

You can still log in using the username and password you used to register. Once you have successfully logged into your account, we recommend that you refresh your page to make everything work properly.

15. I heard reading on the Gourmet Scans website has better quality than other sites, what makes the quality different?

Dear reader, we sometimes do a re-QC on the chapter that has already been released on our site. We don’t really have time to change them on other platforms which we have also released on (like our mangadex or bato), let alone “those” aggregator sites that stole our release.

What did we re-QC? In all aspects, be it the script or panel 👇

1. Mistranslations: Yes, this sometimes needs to be re-checked by the QC and TL mentor(s)

2. Mispr-ed: Sometimes, our PR can misunderstand the translation and result in an incorrect script

3. CLRD: If there is still some parts that QC thinks would be better if fixed.

4. TS: If QC feels like changing the font, etc to improve the quality.

In general, CLRD or TS fixes aren’t noticeable changes, but the “script” is a big deal. In order to make our work as accurate as possible, these fixes are necessary and to be done by the Quality Control.

In other words, there is a high possibility of the quality of the translations you read from other site and our website being ‘different’.

Additional Information
Scanlation Roles Description:
1. RP (Raw Provider): Provides the “raws”, or the comics content, and makes them suitable for working on (usually by stitching the images into pages and denoising)
2. CLRD (Cleaner/Redrawer): removes the original text where needed, so that the english text can be seamlessly added
3. TL (Translator): Translates the original language into the scanlation language (in our case, it’s from Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Indonesian into English!)
4. PR (Proofreader): Ensures the translation is grammatically correct and reads well
5. SQC (Script Quality Checker): Makes the final script, fixing any issues and clarifying the text for the typesetter
6. TS (Typesetter): Places the translated text into the comic
7. QC (Quality Control): Checks the final product for mistakes, translation accuracy and readability, and make final edits

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