GS Comment Policy

First things first: We love comments and appreciate the time that our readers spend to share ideas and give feedback. Thank you to everyone who comments on the Gourmet Scans & Daddies Supremacy website!

However, we also want our comments to be as useful and relevant as possible to all of our readers. While we keep 99% of comments, we will remove the following:

  • Harassing comments: While conversations and the sharing of different ideas are encouraged, all comments posted should be respectful towards our contributors and those leaving comments.
  • Promotional comments: If a comment is solely promotional in nature, we will remove it from the site.
  • Off-topic: Kindly leave a relevant comment. If you’re reading a series, please then only comment about your thoughts on the series. If you would like to send feedback or appreciation to the staff, please visit here instead: STAFF APPRECIATION
  • Comments containing spoilers without tag: If you’d like to share any spoilers, please ensure that they are spoiler tagged (so as to ensure an optimum reading experience OR as there are those who do not like to be spoiled).

We reserve the right to remove any comments from the site, as such, please leave comments that are respectful and relevant.

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